Wednesday, 29 October 2008

What does it do?

I have been focusing so much on the mechanics of the business I have failed to talk about what it actually does.

'Mothers of Innovation' is going to be the best website, selling cool and practical stuff for families that has been designed / sourced / invented by parents and thoroughly tested on our own kids.

When my daughter started to go to nursery I initially came up with the idea for a 'Rockin Hood' as we needed the warmth of a coat but with more flexibility. From that design and loads of compliments the concept of a resource for parents with similar eureka products emerged and then 'Mothers of Innovation' was born. 'Mothers of Innovation' will be selling loads of great stuff, as well as my 'Rockin Hoods' from where it all began.

Hopefully that will explain the two logos, which have been a source of confusion!

'Mothers of Innovation' will only sell stuff that I would buy, it will be as ethical as possible and will be looking for long term happy relationships with buyers and sellers. While at this stage I am really keen to find as many sellers as possible I am still turning people away if I don't think their products are up to scratch...(scary, bleeping scary).

The other thing that is really influencing the final format of the site is a questionnaire. My lovely Business Link lady recommended 'Survey Monkey' for on-line questionnaires. If you only want something simple it is a free service - and although the designs are a bit basic it is really user friendly. I now have a new vice, forget Facebook, checking Survey Monkey for completed questionnaires is far more compulsive. You can see what the survey looks like as, at present there is a link to the survey from my home page or if you need to type it in you can try the shorter version

Please feed back if you have any thoughts on the holding page - or anything at all really.

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest you use ZOomerang rather than Survey Monkey. They also have a free service and their service is more reliable - I think they are also owned by a large research company so I imagine your data would be more secure as well - especially in these times when many small startups are going under.

Anyhow - just a recommendation - thanks!