Thursday, 26 February 2009

Testing out technology

fn:Sarah Dawnay
tel;work:0118 969 7746

I thought that I ought to check out a few more things about this blog,
so saw that I can post an email direct to my blog. There is a scattergun
approach to my learning I am a great believer in on the job learning
when it comes to technology, so here is my first email blog.
Does this work?
If it does work will email blogs become twitters with verbal diarrhoea?

Let's Twitter

So many years I have bluffed my way with marketing and PR with generally good results, now I am appreciating the extent of my ignorance. Now how do you gen up on new media marketing? Yes, we can all search the internet but how can we tell good advice from bad?

It is funny how many free sources of information are only really teasers hoping that you will follow up the free information my subscribing to something of minimal benefit. The problem with true ignorance is that you don't know what you don't know!

You can research, watch webinars, go to seminars but ultimately with limited resources how do you take care of organic marketing (the marketing that everyone assures you is free, solely because you are not paying up front for advertising).

I have got this blog (which I have been fairly relaxed about updating), creating a website , and I have my Facebook fan page but I have kind of left it at that. I am very condescending towards people who have websites because they think that having a site is an end in itself, rather than having the site as part of an integral strategy that will link into core business. Suddenly I am doing a strange equivilent. My fairly limp facebook page and a blog that I sometimes ignore are never going to help me promote my website and make it the best, most fun site ever.

This morning I went to a seminar by Nigel Morgan and suddenly I started to gather together the threads and start to make more sense of the potential of 'Organic PR' as he called it. Where do I go from here? Well already I have a bad Twitter habit and I am starting to link everything together. I am also determind to be a more faithful blogger, so I am going to work on a strategy and I will let you know how I get along.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Still standing...

Yes, my blog went off the boil for a while, but so has the business. I wish that I could have fast forwarded over the past few months as by now I hoped to be launched and seeing some great progress. We are now four months late and if you see the needle trembling on a Richter Scale it is just my fingers drumming the table with frustration at wait. It is just torturous! The delays keep on stretching out with tantalising false horizons while my reserves to keep me personally solvent ebb away.

The delays have all been technical, and the frustrating bit has not knowing exactly what needs to be done and why it needs to take so long. I think this could be a great case study in customer liaison for the techy industry. While I trust that the guys are doing their best and they are building something great, bespoke etc I am not abreast of their challenges, benchmarks and goals so I just have to cope with continual stretching deadlines.

Instead I listen to the news of the economy in meltdown and hope that there are still some customers with money by the time we launch. Strangely contradictory statistics come to mind, firstly Internet commerce is not being too badly effected in the credit crunch, secondly nine out of ten Internet business fail in the first five years. Laughing? Me neither...but then did I tell you the joke about my web developer and the deadlines?

Anyway, you can read a link about why businesses fail here - it is quite cheery as I fall into none of these categories....yet...