Thursday, 30 October 2008

Legal Redress?

I have by now spent over a thousand pounds on lawyers fees. One of the things that persuaded me to get my lawyer to set up the company was he fixed me with his steely eyes and asked me if I understood what I had copy and pasted into my Memorandum and Articles; while he was impressed that I had read them his glare made my confidence seep from every pore and I commissioned him to do the job. I have just received confirmation from Companies House that it is all set up, but rather than merely not fully understanding the governing documents, now I have not even seen them!
I got the lawyer to help with my T&Cs (apparently in business you never say Terms and Conditions in full). I had wished that I had known that the FSB has down loadable T&Cs on its site available to members.
In retrospect I am not sure I should have commissioned such a large job - frivolous no, necessary, I am not convinced.

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