Thursday, 27 May 2010

Useless Inventions?

Hands up who has bought anything totally useless?

My list would be cotton cellular blankets and newborn baby cardigans. S was born in a heat wave but, as a first time Mum, I followed the 'list' of what I needed to buy. Anecdotally I hear that bath mittens and those whizzy nappy bins that enclose your nappies in plastic don't rate that highly.

Value for money came instead from a sling, it was quite expensive but per use the price was almost infinitesimal. The pram was not expensive but as it was, well, a bit s*** it never really worked for me and I would have been better off spending more time on Mumsnet researching and possibly a little more money on the purchase or maybe I should have bought second hand.

I want your feedback!
What have you bought that you wish you had not? Please leave a comment and I'll collate it into a survey. I am really interested by your thoughts.