Thursday, 5 August 2010

New Products Ahoy!

We have been offering free samples again. Why? It is part of my campaign to stop junk - you know the types of things, sound great in principle but end up on the Oxfam pile after one outing followed by six months collecting dust. I want all our products to be indispensable bits of kit that get used time after time, so all I ask of the testers is for their honest opinions. Would they buy the products? Would they recommend them to others? Sadly it does mean that we turn down some products, but one duff product would reflect badly on all the others so I keep trust my testers and keep the quality threshold high.

Not all products get as far as being tested by my valued testers. I am working with one Mum at the moment who has a potentially great product, but it is not quite ready for the market. We are discussing ways to fine tune the design to make it fulfil potential.

And some potential products do not even get as far as sampling stage.

I am looking for practical solutions to parenting problems - I am still working on how I put that into words. Making clear that I track down only the best, offer quality at or below RRP and that we just the best site ever. I have been working on the almost ready new version of the site - while my brain is like a tumble drier of words and phrases that have yet to be coherantly and concisely formed. I am hoping that when the new version of the site is live I will have the clarity to see some obvious solutions!