Thursday, 30 April 2009


Things are moving a pace. If I had realised back when I started that it would take this long I am not sure that I would have started. It is an interesting tale of the recession with some suppliers really feeling the pinch.

Annabel Wynne used to produce the cutest toys called Smelly Ellys - calico elephants that could be heated up or cooled to pacify a young patient. They were ideal for the site as they were created after she hunted high and low for a solution to her family's needs, and when she found nothing to fit their needs she made a great product. I am constantly looking for high quality goods, made by parents will make a positive impact to family life.

A number of issues affected her business not least shops going out of business. The reason it is worthy of comment is that she has immediately diversified and gone back to being an illustrator. I am delighted to support her new venture in what ever way I can - even if it will not be on a commercial basis. While you may not see her works on the site now, she was an inspiring and pleasant person to work with so I hope, when the site takes off, I will still be a customer!

What lessons can we learn from this? Sometimes step back and look at all your options - diversification may not be a retrograde step. Oh, and you can never have too many pretty pictures on your blog (thanks Annabel).

Finally, a word to the badgers, my Grandfather's sage words about ruling the world were, if he was a benign dictator he would ban all ventriloquists!