Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Marketing Postcard

Well, I needed something and a post card seemed so much more stylish than a flyer. Besides, there is a chance it may be used minimising the eco-extravagance of marketing.
Dot Com Dot did her usual magic and came up with a great design.
I did a fair amount of shopping around and settled on Vista Print, the big on line company as they seemed infinitely cheapest...then. Since settling on Vista I have got a little frustrated, the original appearance of 500 cards for £44 rose quickly to £82 once they had added on a range of expected and less expected fees - then they bored and frustrated me by the endless attempts to get me to buy more.
I'll update you shortly on my credit crunch discussions with a range of banks...I think I am going to have a happy ever after story there

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