Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Quick call a strategy meeting!

The site is going to be delayed again - but this time it really does make me pause and think about priorities. A family member was ill and it shook me out of my mind set that the only thing that mattered was getting the site launched. Well, the delays will mean harder work, running to catch up - but it is not, in this scenario, life or death.
How often do we get so fixated on a problem or issue that we stop seeing the wood for the trees and worse, resort to cliches?
Well I am using this time to gen up on many issues, and this morning I took myself off for a strategy meeting.

Yes, little Pup has a higher IQ than many past colleagues, so I think this is one - nil in favour of taking the long term approach to creating the best ever website the world is about to see!

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