Monday, 8 September 2008

Now OpenSource IS the dogs bollocks

Today was spent playing zoo keeper. A border collie pup and toddler desperate for attention and dragging me in opposing directions. All was very mild mannered until Stephen Fry stepped in; who would have thought that Radio 4 could be such a malign influence? He repeated 'dogs bollocks' with such relish that Miss Trouble was bound to be impressed. So, as the dog bounded after new smells up the hill, Miss Trouble escaped to the blackberry patch at the bottom of the hill, I failed to look composed as I held onto both (guiding the buggy with my elbows) all to the Troublesome toddler refrain of 'DOGS BOLLOCKS'.

Business has been a haven of calm by comparison, until I started to save the evening's work. Working on a shoe string I decided to design my own logo for my hoodies even though things have moved on in the two decades since I last dabbled in graphic design. I looked at some of the standard logo design packages available for free such as AAALogo, that Amazon seem to recommend their sellers, and quickly ruled them out. I had to tackle something much more complicated.

I love Open Source software, it has been the greatest find. OpenOffice is brilliant and I salute all those who have contributed to it. Graphic design needed something much more specialist, so I quickly found Inkscape. I am not technical - and those who speak fluent geek despair at my inability to grasp the basics of the language (I think I am waiting until my toddler can explain it to me in a version that I can understand) - but most graphics programmes seem to have similar fundamentals. Four hours later I have something passable that conveys style and does not look as if it was created from clipart and a uniform template. At some point within the next month I should have worked out how to save it in a format that will be useful.

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