Tuesday, 30 September 2008

More Pictures to wake up this blog

It is a tough one, sinking money into a project during global economic apocalypse - but there are times when my Blu-tack and sticky back plastic efforts are not up to the challenge. My lovely Business Link adviser cautioned that many women in business fail because they wimp out don't invest enough in their dreams. So, no I am not planning to throw caution to the wind, but I have spent a full £150 to get a professional to design my logo and to design my first advert.

You can compare this with my home made Rockin Hoods logo and consider whether I made the right choice. I am confident that DotComDot (the designer) has earned her cash.

I was aiming for quite a slick company identity (I hesitated to write corporate id, the usual term, as it does not really fit with a hippy in a dilapidated cottage that is fast being overtaken by unruly animals) but following on from the logo another look emerged.

This is a preview of my first advert which will indicate the look that is emerging. You will have to use your imagination as in the upload has made it look a little strange, putting colours in negative and loosing the text...

My lessons that I am learning are: research the most cost effect ways of doing things, but don't be afraid to shell out provided you fully track what you are spending! (cue for me to practice what I preach and quickly add the cost of the advert to my forecast....I may be some time).

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