Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Words don't come easy...Can you help?

Products made by Mums for Mums? Would you go for it? Obviously I would, as that it why I set up Mothers of Innovation, but it seems that the image I have of talented Mums is not shared by all.

I started to get some feedback about what people really thought about the concept. The first reaction was, "So what?" If I elaborate saying that they made the products because they could not find what they needed the eyes start to focus and the ears prick up - I have made my point.

It is all very well knowing that we sell quality products, that offer a genuine solution to real family conundrums, but how do we get the message across? It does not help that we sell things my some Mums who have build up international reputations and substantial businesses along side exciting products from start up companies.
Take, for example, The Wean Machine, another of our new products. Winner of the 2009 Innovation Award and now selling at our site for £19.40 including postage (less than RRP). It is affordable quality that really works! But we also sell, for example, The Splodge Box an interactive book and box-set with five ethically sourced, multi-sensory gifts plus CD. Now how different are they? They are both innovative quality products but so very different!

My word cloud would be:
Quality products made by Mums
Invented when they could not buy what they needed
Affordable quality
Talented Mumpreneurs
Not run of the mill
With the added extra that only a Mum could consider

So how do I combine there thoughts?

A website selling practical solutions invented by clever Mums when nothing else was good enough. To give, to wear, to enjoy and to love xx

Great family solutions from Mums: products invented by resourceful Mums when they could not live without them. Products for babies, children, Mums and their homes.

Practical family solutions for families, invented by Mums in the absence of what they really needed.

Practical family solutions for families, invented by Mums when they could not find what they really needed.

Tried and trusted family solutions: products invented by Mums when what they needed was not already for sale.

Earlier versions:
Great products made by those who know best
Mum sense not nonsense

I like the top one as I can use either sentence in isolation to make it snappier. I would really value any help. If anybody comes up with an ideal solution I am sure I will come up with a thank you gift.

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DianneMR said...

I like the first one best too, it says everything it needs to and has a poetic feel to it. It made me smile! Good luck with the final choice! :o)

Ellen Arnison said...

Mothers of Invention is a brilliant name.
How about: Real problems solved by real mums with love... for you.

Anonymous said...

I voted for the last one but I think that they are all too long and wordy, and you need something snappier. Ellen's suggestion above seems to be on the right track.

Mother of Innovation said...

Thanks Ellen - that certainly works. Much food for thought!