Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Singing, Sharing and Massage

I'm delighted to launch the Gentle Hands Baby Massage set - as it is an ideal Christmas present for families with newborn babies. Not only does it explore how to massage but there is a CD with great songs and nursery rhymes - and with explanations as to how to link the songs to playful massage routines.

Have you tried baby massage? It is fantastic, Sarita used to love it and it really seemed to help with sleeping and that end crying session that seemed to happen every time DH got back from work. Speaking to Sue, who devised the Gentle Hands Baby Massage was so refreshing - she talks about setting the scene for Mums to develop their own confidence and intuition.

She says "I have been teaching baby massage for nearly 10 years, and feel that as the years creep by mums and dads seem less trusting of their intuition. I sing nursery rhymes within my classes and I am always surprised by how few mums know any nursery rhymes or even sing with their babies. My classes are designed to help with confidence, and for mums to begin to listen to their babies and their needs and not always to trust external influences. They all have their place in information gathering and help, but fundamentally, we seem to have lost our ability to go with go with our babies and do what comes naturally. Singing to me has a fundamental place, it seems only the West does not recognise this!

My kit therefore, is my way of trying to get mums, dads, carers etc to touch and love their babies appropriately, to sing and have fun, to bond instinctively and knowingly. Baby massage is a wonderful tool for to help promote closeness, gentleness and confidence. The towel is a way for toddlers to remember their babyhood, to talk about being a baby and to have as a keepsake in years to come. Baby massage can be a very special time for carers and babies, and definitely worth remembering!"

Now available for £22.99 on our site where you can read about the details of everything included in the kit.

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