Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Thanks it was a success!

Thanks for help - the speech was a great success. I delivered it to 200 ladies, who are either just setting up or planning to set up in business, and it was perfect. Leaving the hall I was almost mobbed by people wanting to find out more about that Antonia Chitty Mumpreneur Guide that I had been recommended.

The only problem was that our allocated 10 minutes was reduced to 8. That sounds trivial but suddenly I was about half way through what I had prepared and I had two minutes to go. Your comments really helped as I cut out anything that you had not mentioned and I romped home to applause.

Yes, the biggest laugh I got was from giving the plug to Bath Baby Cakes! Please leave comments if you have ever got something unexpected just by asking, I'd love to do an update on this.

I took along a tiny selection of samples just to illustrate what we are all about. I was delighted by the response to both the Sock Ons (for being total ingenious and affordable) and by my own Rockin Hoods (what can I say, they are just GREAT and at just under £20 including P&P an ideal present).

Did you notice that those links open in a new page? Well, thank Nigel Morgan of Morgan PR who was amazing, spending his Sunday morning to telling me h0w to access the HTML code to do that.

What have I learnt?
1.If you want to write simple HTML the W3 Schools helped us
2. If you want me to contribute to a blog or an event - I'd be delighted to help as I have all the best advisers (you!).

Thanks xx

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angelsandurchinsblog said...

Well done! So glad it went as well as it should have done, given your knowledge, planning and pizazz! Can you bottle 'pizazz'? If yes, send some over!